About Us

Indigenous Perspectives formerly known as Forum for Indigenous Perspectives and Action (FIPA) was established in 1999. As a non-profit making voluntary organization based in Imphal, Manipur in North East part of India, Indigenous Perspectives deals with economic, social, cultural rights of indigenous peoples of North East India. It conducts research, monitors, network and campain on the above concerns.

The organization’s mission is to provide quality and informed support to grassroots and community based groups and organizations. It has firm commitment in promoting and protecting the indivisibility of human rights, in particular the much neglected Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.


  • To enable the conservation and management of the natural and built environment through ecologically and economically sustainable processes, respecting Indigenous Peoples’ human rights, including free, prior and informed consent.
  • To continuously advocate policies and laws and for legislations that uphold our collective and individual human rights and to mobilize against laws and institutions which do not serve indigenous peoples’ needs and justices.
  • To promote and establish effective education, training and skill up gradation, documentation and dissemination program and trainings based on local cultures.
  • To affirm and uphold the rightful status of women, children and youths as equal in society, family, the workplace and the movement for social transformation.
  • To join and support all forms of democratic struggle to end all forms of oppression, racism and discrimination against Indigenous Peoples.
  • To provide support services for the planning, development and management of local production, distribution, co-operative, government or voluntary institutions.